The Workshop

The Workshop

Workshop Structure

Each workshop is run by a team of two professional facilitators a percussionist and a singer/songwriter who plays piano.  The song already has 1 verse, and the children will write their own lyrics for the 2nd and 3rd verse, exploring their feelings, understanding, views, and impressions of the world they live in and how to make it a better place.

The facilitators and teachers will help and guide the children to find direction and inspiration. The live performance of the song is either filmed by one of our professional cameraman or internally by the school. The material can then be used to promote the school as an example of creativity and integration. Each child is rewarded with his/her own Passport for a Better World. This leaves them with a  wonderful memory of the project and a reminder of the themes they explored.

It’s takes about ten working days for the final footage to be ready. During this time children fill in their passports, which recognise them as Junior Ambassadors for a Better World. They have an amazing chance to personalise it with their picture, name, surname, DOB, lyrics, drawings and list of the percussion instruments they learnt during the workshop. They are given the video on a USB key or a flash code which is inserted inside their passport. The last page contains the most symbolic articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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